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My partner and I have been swinging now for a couple of years and yes we love it! We attend Leeds swingers clubs regularly and every time one ends we can't wait for the next. We love the lifestyle of the swinger community, no stings, no questions, no awkwardness, let's not beat around the bush, bare faced dirty rotten filthy non stop sex! From the moment we arrive you can smell the sultry aroma of sex in the air, as soon as we arrive Rob goes off on the prowl and I take my time eyeing up the hunky men and women for that matter. At our last Leeds swinger club they had different rooms and each room had a unique theme, I loved it when one of the theme's was a masquerade! Dancing up close and personal to a complete stranger wearing a mask and knowing that in a few minutes your going to be having erotic sex together is so intense! Rob loves it when he is surrounded by hot women all gagging to be satisfied, every now and then I see his eyes flit to where I am, he then gets even more aroused if that's even possible, when he see's me wriggling in pleasure as I am getting a good seeing too by a couple of really hot men!

Leeds swinger clubs are open to everyone, any age, any colour, any creed and you don't have to answer a million and one questions to get in, It's great to mingle with open minded adults who all love casual no string sex with strangers. Swinging covers a multitude of things i.e you might go to a swingers club with your partner and invite a third person into the mix, that of course could be MMF or FFM. Perhaps your partner likes a foursome, their are also swinger gangbangs and let's make no bones about it, that's everybody's dirty little secret fantasy! Rob and I have fantastic sex at home, but I think we would get terribly bored if we stopped swinging, it's a way of life for us and I know for a fact that I would miss it greatly and I am certain Rob would too. So if you and your other half are contemplating trying out some of the Leeds swinger clubs, I say go for it, the sex is just awesome and the people are great. Swinging is, seductive and sensual, lustful and passionate, I have the craziest crush on Leeds swinger clubs and I don't ever want to get over it!

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